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Adira is a very sweet and still spunky 8 yr old blind baby.  She is not completely deaf but she is hard of hearing.  Adira likes smaller dogs.  She is playful and likes children.  Adira absolutely loves attention and a big bed.  She has already learned her routine here very well and will stand at the door to tell you she needs to go outside such a sweet joy she is. She is spayed, current on vaccines, and microchipped.  Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Gunner is a very sweet 6 year old hound mix.  He is about 45lbs, crate and potty trained.  He loves walks and does well on a leash.  He needs to be an only dog and no cats.  He would be great with older kids as he still has a lot of energy.   Gunner has been in foster care a very long time and has not gotten any interest at all.  He would really love to finally have a home of his own.  He is neutered, microchipped, and current on vaccines.  Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Myla is a 4 year old, 45-50lb love bug.  When she first came to our rescue she was shut down and defeated from being abused by her previous owner.  Today Myla is a very happy girl who loves to play tug a war.  She loves a car ride, walks, is crate and potty trained.  Myla needs to be an only dog and no cats.  Unfortunately Myla is not fond of small children so needs to go to a home with older respectful children.  She is very loyal and loving and has been in foster care far too long.  Please someone open your home up to this beautiful girl.  Myla is spayed, current on vaccines, and microchipped.  Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Sensi was dumped on our foster by another rescue. We vetted her and have been posting her for 3 years now with no interest at all. She has to be an only dog but she is very sweet and deserves to have her very own home.

Hi my name is Sensi. I’m a 5 year old 45-50lb baby girl. I am a very sweet nervous girl because people were not so good to me before I came to my foster’s house. I need to eat my meals in my crate; it’s where I feel comfortable. I love to play and run. I am potty trained and I do get excited on a leash but I learn to calm down. I just really want someone to love me. I am so scared of kids and other dogs so I can’t be with them. It makes me sad because I know I won’t get picked because of this and I have so much to offer and so much love to share.

Sensi is being fostered in Hampton, Virginia. Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Blue is 5 years old, 69 lbs, good in crate, house broken, needs leash work, and would be ok with older children. Dog selective so a meet and greet on common ground is needed and no cats.  He is neutered, heartworm negative and current on vaccines. Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Bubbles is 3 years old, approximately 62 lbs, house, crate, and leash trained. Loves kids. He needs a more submissive dog for a buddy so would definitely need a meet and greet.  Bubbles traveled all the way from MO to have his life saved. He was the only one left behind in the shelter with nowhere to go.  This picture does not do him justice as he is stunning in person.   Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Layla is yrs 3.5 years old and 52. lbs.  She would do best in a home as an only dog and with older children. Layla can be aggressive in a crate and is potty and leash trained.  Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Perry is dog selective so would require a meet and greet and slow introductions with another dog but an only dog home is preferred. He is Heartworm positive but is on slow kill and should be Heartworm free in 6 months. He is approximately 56 lbs, housebroken, crate and leash trained.  Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


My name is Goliath and I’m 4 years old, have all my shots, neutered and am roughly 70-75 lbs. My foster mom told me that since my story is so sad I should tell people all about it. She said maybe it can save another dog like me. So here it goes, I used to have a family of my own and I thought they loved me. I kept seeing boxes and things from our house being loaded on trucks, but I didn't see them pack my stuff.  Next thing I knew they shut the door in my face and left. I thought that they left an awful lot of stuff all over the house and that they would be back, but then it got dark and I waited by the door but no one came. Then it got light again and I waited at the window and still nothing, and it kept going on for a very, very long time. my heart was broken and knew this had to be a mistake. I sure cried an awful lot and I knew the food they left behind for me wasn't going to last much longer. Boy I was lonely for a long time then some people came to save me and brought me to a place with lots of dogs. I was so skinny and my nails were so long they hurt bad but I got a bed and fooood. Then my foster mom drove a far way to come get me and brought me to a home where I have foster sisters and brothers. She took me to the vet and I had a surgery to not have no more babies and the Dr said my testicular thingys had died probably from injury. She said I could have died because I had dead body parts in me but she saved me and made me better. Foster mom gets frustrated because I don’t like no one around me or my food while I eat but it’s mine that’s all I have to say; I won’t share. I’m afraid I may not ever see food again even though foster mom says that will never happen again. Foster mom also says I need work on my manners but that I’m a sweet lug and worth everything in this world.  I like it here just fine and I know I will never see my family again, but I would like to find another family that will love and keep me forever.  No one has even asked to meet me and I been here what feels like a long time. I wonder if I will ever get a new family.  Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Emmie has completed her board and train program and now is just waiting for her forever home while she continues to be in boarding. This is what her trainer had to say about her:

Emmi is a laid back girl who absolutely loves to relax and cuddle but is also always down for an adventure. Emmi is satisfied just being with her people doing whatever the day brings and will adjust her energy level to match her human’s. Although Emmi is laid back she is looking for someone who understands how to manage a dog with inner confidence issues. Emmi needs someone who is willing to set instant rules, boundaries and give proper decompression time when first bringing her home. Because she was born a “back of the pack” energy, giving Emmi structure and guidance helps her feel more secure in her new environment and creates trust between her and her new family. When she doesn’t go through a proper decompression period in her new environment, Emmi will put her insecurities into becoming territorial and defensive over the environment and her personal space with anyone new. Emmi would do best as an only pet and with someone who is looking for a dog they know will take continued time and training to fully overcome her lack of inner confidence. This is not something that happens overnight, so whoever adopts her must be committed to working with her and helping her reach her full potential. Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


This baby was saved from a good samaritan's neighbor before she moved. She knew she couldn’t leave him with his owners to die alone. Rocky would love to find his own loving home.  He is actually really playful for his age! He is around 11 and lived with a chihuahua, pomeranian, and 2 different pit bulls previously.  Absolutely no cats.  Very sweet and lovable, a little shy at first.  He is heart worm positive but has been doing slow kill for 3 months.


Wally is about 40 lbs, mostly house trained, neutered, microchipped,, and current on vaccines. He was brought in as a stray, and labeled a Dalmatian mix. Wally boy was saved from death row in Memphis and has been on the road to recovery ever since! He was labeled high heartworm positive and has gone through 3 successful treatments! He is extremely high energy and playful with cats and dogs. He runs wild in the yard every chance he can! Due to the severity of his treatments he has been restricted on activity for the last 2 months.

He loves to play the game “escape the kennel” when his foster mom is at work. But Mr Wallace is no match for zip ties! He has separation anxiety and someone who can spend quality time with him, will completely fall in love with his sweet face!

From his foster mom:

Wally is a joy, and I love him! He snuggles and follows you around, like any good boy would do! He listens good and plays well with others. Very loudly I might add 🤣 he’s been around all age ranges of dogs and he’s infatuated with my cat! He does need time to adjust to new people. It took him 4 days to look at me or even wag his tail after I brought him home. But it wasn’t long after, we started making progress in all areas! He needs someone that can show him kindness and patience! Lots and lots of patience! He loves hard chew toys and comfy blankets to lay on! Oh.. and peanut butter.  Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Koale is a stunning Pitbull that was rescued by Operation Save a Shelter Dog because he had been shot in his left rear leg. 💔

Thankfully, because of his amazing care taker Sam Martin, he is doing great now otherwise he would have lost that leg.

KOALE brings quite a few great trades to the table:

✅house trained

✅kennel trained

✅loves to run and play ball

✅he would love to have a friend to exercise and go hiking with

✅loves car rides

✅loves attention

✅loves to cuddle


✅knows basic commands

NOTE: He was tested with dogs at the shelter and did good but also met a dog he wasn’t a fan of. A meet and greet and slow intro is mandatory.

3 1/2 years old


UTD on shots

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Loki is 3 yrs old and 60.4 lbs.

He is Good with dogs especially females no dominant males.

Great on a leash potty trained not sure about crate.

Great with kids.

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Boulder is a 3 year old Sharpei/Pit Mix. He is neutered, microchipped, and current on vaccines. He weighs approximately 65-75 lbs. Boulder is not good with small or male dogs. If you have a female dog you would need to do a meet and greet. He was in board and train program but now needs a foster or adopter to get him out of boarding. Boulder's eyes don't lie he is truly as sweet as he looks with a big heart. He walks pretty good on a leash but is large and strong. He is very loving of his people and kids and enjoys getting hugs and pets. He loves playing fetch and chasing after tennis balls or toys. I haven't seen him be vocal and when he was in the kennel he would sit respectfully and just look up with those puppy eyes as people walked by. He is overall a great dog who should be easy to train, it seems like he enjoys pleasing his person and just needs his furever family to return his love. Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Bailey is 2 years old and about 45lbs. She came to our rescue with a portion of her leg missing. She has been to the vet and it causes her no problems. She is fully potty trained, leash trained, and loves people. She is nervous at first so requires patience with introductions. No small children or other pets in the home. Bailey is spayed, current on vaccines, and microchipped. Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Mac is 3 years old, dog friendly, and very sweet. He can be a lap dog or a running buddy. He plays rough so no small dogs or small kids. No cats! He is 76 lbs, fully vetted, microchipped, crate and house trained, and neutered. Mac needs a fenced yard as he pulls really hard on a leash. No food or toy aggression and is very good in the car. DOES NOT LIKE HATS. If you wear a hat he has made up his mind he hates you! No matter what!

If interested in Mac please fill out an application at Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, first responder, or vet then it is $200.


Kade is a wonderfully chill 3 year old gentle giant who’s just under 75lbs, current on vaccines, neutered, and microchipped. He’s house trained, crate trained, learning basic commands, loves car rides and will do anything for a treat. He is strong on a leash, but will settle in a little while into a walk. Kade should be the only pet and would do best in a home with oder children. No cats. Kade will require weekly ear washes for life due to being prone to ear infections. He does not like to be disturbed while eating, so crate feeding is recommended. Kade is music selective and will actually sing for you when it’s a song he likes. This wonderful boy just has a personality that will make you smile.

If interested in Kade please fill out an application at Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, first responder, or vet then it is $200.


Walter is a sweet senior gentleman who wants nothing more than to be someone’s everything. He loves his humans with his whole heart and his loyalty is unmatched. Because of his need to be the center of attention at all times, he would prefer to be the only pet in the home and would enjoy a lower traffic household where he can relax during his golden years. He is potty trained, knows his commands, walks perfectly on the leash, and has great house manners. He is non- destructive, quiet, can stay loose in the house when home alone, is also crate trained and will sometimes choose to sleep in his crate if the door is left open for him. Whether you enjoy relaxing on the couch or taking a stroll through the park, Walter is your guy and wants nothing more than to be by your side at all times. Walter is such a great dog with so much love to give and deserves someone who will give him the same back in return.

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Another sad story which is the sign of the times I guess. Spot was adopted from us 3 years ago and recently was returned due to divorce, family issues, we aren't really sure. We also took his fur sister, who was not ours, but we couldn't let her go to a shelter. Spot is a great dog and really would love to find a true forever home.

Spot is 6.5 years old now, weighs 71 lbs, current on vaccines, neutered, microchipped, house broken and crate trained. He loves kids and likes the girl dogs as he lived with a female for 2 years. If a male is submissive he could live with him also and he lived with cats. He pulls on a leash some but he knows commands like sit, lay, stay, and give paw, so he's really smart.

Please help Spot get back into a forever home.

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a veteran, first responder, or senior.


Atlas was born May 1, 2021 so she is 9.5 months old and weighs 61 lbs. She loves other dogs and will play with them like crazy. She is crate trained and is given a cranberry supplement because if not, she just pees where ever she wants. With the supplement she is potty trained. She is current on vaccines and spayed. She cannot have stuffed animals, she eats them. She loves tennis balls, chew toys and antlers. She loves playing tug a war. Atlas needs to be in a home with dogs and no children or a home with children and no other dogs.

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a veteran, first responder, or senior then it is $200.


Lucas is as sweet as the day is long. He is 2-3 years old but someone forgot to tell him that and he still thinks he is a puppy and a lap dog. He does very well with children although I suggest older children as he is excitable and could knock down smaller children. He does do well with most dogs and no cats. He is 65lbs and is potty trained. Lucas is learning his leash manners and he does have crate anxiety (It would be recommended you get a Ruffland Kennel or and Impact Crate as he is not a fan of a crate) He loves to run and play with the tennis balls and would be best in an active home to run off some of his energy. Lucas is current on vaccines, neutered, and microchipped.

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a first responder, veteran, or senior then it is $200.


Cammie is 6 years old and 50lbs. She loves to run and play. Cammie is dog selective so a definite meet and greet would be necessary and the other dog must be submissive and preferably a male. She is spayed, current on vaccines, crate trained, potty trained. She loves older respectful children and just needs a loving family.

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a first responder, veteran, or senior then it is $200


Hazel is a 2 year old 77 lb American Bulldog. She is crate and potty trained. Hazel is current on all vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped. Temperament is super sweet. She will sit for you on command to go out the front door, and she will sit before coming back in,once she calms down. She is extremely playful and does not have a mean bone in her body towards cats or dogs but she uses all her strength to chase falling leaves, bunnies, squirrels, birds, anything she sees even if she’s looking at shadows. You have to be very strong to keep a hold of her. It is best that you let her run in a fenced yard and chase to her hearts content. Do not recommend walking on a leash unless you are very strong or she receives some leash training. Hazel would need to be crated when she’s not supervised because she will chew anything and that could be very dangerous.

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200.


Mystic is between 4-6 years old and over 50 lbs. She is house, crate, leash, and potty trained. She does great with kids but can be dog selective, she does better with a submissive dog no cats.

Mystic is spayed, current on vaccines, and microchipped.

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a veteran, first responder, or senior then it’s $200. 


Dapple is 1.5 years old, 50 lbs, crate trained, current on vaccines, neutered, knows sit, and is potty trained. He may still need some training but he loves other dogs, is very sweet and loves his toys.

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a first responder, veteran, or senior then it is $200.


Kai is 18 months old, approximately 60lbs, current on vaccines, neutered, potty trained (if he gets nervous he may have accident but will let you know if he has to go out most times), needs work on crate training, An experienced dog owner would be best as he is a big boy and will need some more training. Kai would be fine with kids but is a big boy so should be supervised around small children as he could knock them down. He likes other dogs, enjoys playing, and is submissive. Crate training is a work in progress as he will get stressed if the crate door is closed but is part lab so is a chewer. Definitely would need to be supervised until he is no longer in the chewing stage. He will require a 6 ft fence. Kai is a very sweet boy and would make a great companion for someone who is active and familiar with labs.

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are veteran, senior, or first responder then it is $200.


Sunshine is 2 years old, 60 pounds, current on vaccines, spayed, crate trained and is WONDERFUL with house training. No accidents in house or kennel with regular potty breaks. She has not been tested with kids. She would be great with kids, but older kids. She is very high energy and would easily knock over young ones. No cats or other small animals, she has a higher prey drive. Fine with other dogs but she wants to play rough so medium or large dogs who are submissive to her would be ideal. She is getting better on leash, pulls a bit but is a lot better than when she first came and we are continuing to work on this.   Adoption fee is $250 or $200 if you are a veteran, first responder, or senior.


Eleanor is an estimated 4-5 year old mix, your guess on her breed is as good as ours, 40lbs, current on vaccines, microchipped, and spayed. The important stuff: she knows all basic obedience (sit, stay, down, shake/paw, back up, wait, on your bed), is crate and house trained (and safe to leave out without being destructive!), and walks well on a leash (she does have some dog reactivity). She needs a home with no cats (she has high prey drive) and is dog selective, so a home without any other animals is ideal. We have gotten her safe with our two old pups, but they leave her alone and we acclimated them over a month.

The cool stuff: This is a FUN dog. She is smart as a whip-she has learned everything we have tried to teach her within one to two training sessions. She loves playing on our agility equipment, loves to fetch, and loves going for walks! She is a perfect energy level-content to snooze on the couch or go for a run, whatever you feel like doing. She lovesss to ride in the car. She is calm and quiet, she doesn’t pace or pant, she will sit right in her seat and just enjoy cruising. She is extremely food motivated! I cannot say enough about how fun this dog is. Think intelligence of a herding dog with the energy level of…not a herding dog 😂. You get the picture.

Eleanor loves her people. When we are in the yard, she is right there with us. She even walks behind me as I mow the grass, back and forth, back and forth. She will happily hang out on the deck with us while we grill or work on projects. She is a Velcro dog in the best way.

A note on her dog reactivity on leash: it is very manageable and she is making great progress with this.

IAdoption fee $250.


Ali is a 1yo 50 lb pitbull mix. He’s neutered and utd on vaccines. Great on leash, plays nicely with dogs and loves attention…to the point that he will follow you everywhere. He has to be guided into the crate as he will push back, but once in he is very chill. He’s very treat driven and has sat a couple of times on command already, so very trainable. Shelter notes say that he does not like to share his attention with kids, so a home without small kids would be best. Ali is a bit timid until he gets to know his surroundings, so would recommend using a leash or runner while outside if fence is not 6’. Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200. 


Dozer is about 7 years old, 114 lbs, neutered, current on vaccines, crate trained, house broken, and microchipped. He needs to be the only pet in his forever home but loves all people.

Wish you had an oversized stud muffin to cuddle with?? Well you can! Dozer is well mannered, happy, loving cuddly and he’s available for adoption through Operation Save a Shelter Dog. But you better hurry because he won’t be oversized much longer because he’s been dieting and exercising to shed some of his extra pounds. He’s not an over-eater and tests have been run to check for a medical condition , but everything came back normal. I guess dogs are like humans, the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight.

He is on weight management kibble and green beans…1 cup each twice daily. He LOVES green beans!

Adoption fee is $250 unless you are a senior, veteran, or first responder, then adoption fee will be $200.


I know there has to be that special person out there for this special needs girl.

Winn Dixie is 5-6 yrs old roughly 40 lbs she has had a back injury that unfortunately surgery cannot fix. She has been through microcurrent treatments and does very well in her wheelchair. She can get around without it some and even stands sometimes. Unfortunately she does not always know when she has to go potty. For the most part she does awesome being let out 4 times a day but does have the occasional accident. Winn Dixie does very well with people and loves kids but she does not like to share her attention with other animals. She is honestly one of the sweetest dogs I’ve seen and loves to play with toys and get lots of rubs. She is current on vaccines, microchipped, and spayed.

Adoption fee is $250. It’s $200 if you are a first responder, vet, or senior.



Age: 1

DOB: 12 MAR 21

60-70 pounds of pure muscle

Utd on immunizations, and currently on simpatico trio for hw/flea/tick prevention

Niles is the sweetest, most goofy boy ever. He loves life and is always having some kind of fun. He loves to run and play with toys. He is pure energy, but does slow down and likes to cuddle. He is good with other dogs that are not submissive. No cats or other small animals. HIGH prey drive. He does need basic obedience. I’ve tried to work with him, but his energy is too high and he cannot concentrate. He pulls hard on the leash so he will need to work on that with a no pull harness. He is crate trained. Cannot be left unattended because he gets bored and chews. He has not had any accidents in the house. He is great with my older children. Do not recommend smaller kids due to his energy level. He jumps a lot and plays rough. Niles requires a fenced yard.


He needs a very special home as he can’t use his back legs and won’t use a wheelchair. He just freezes and won’t move if he is in one.

Benny is a special boy and will require a special adopter. He is about 6 years old, 20lbs, current on vaccines, and neutered. Good with kids, dogs, and probably cats. He walks as good as he can and foster uses booties when he goes outside. He does have some incontinence but is a great dog.

If interested in adopting Benny please fill out an application at Adoption fee is $250 


He is a neutered, male chocolate 6-year-old mixed breed in need of a loving home. He is roughly about 65 pounds of fun loving and relaxing dog. He is dog friendly (he currently resides with 4 other dogs), kid friendly and crate trained. He spends most of his time in the house, and goes outside for playtime. He does well on leash and off leash, just give him time to adjust to his new home first, as he is a bit on the stronger side.

He loves playing fetch! Throw any sort of toy and he’ll chase after it and bring it back. He can’t get enough of fetch, your arm will probably tire before he does. He loves to drink from the water hose, Cascading waterfalls are his second favorite outdoor activity besides fetch. When you’re not playing with him, he’ll just calmly relax on his dog bed. You might even forget he’s there! Make sure to always have toys as that keeps him busy. He’s also very treat motivated! So, whenever you teach him a trick, Aaron will be very happy with a bacon treat or two.

He is on heartworm prevention and flea and tick monthly prevention.

He is being fostered in Maryland.


This is Jerald. He's about eight months old, 62lbs, neutered, microchipped, and current on vaccines. He was found as a stray in Memphis with his sister. Both were in rough shape and going to be euthanized before Operation Save a Shelter Dog stepped in and got them the care they needed. Jerald is healthy now and ready to find his forever home.

Jerald is a playful guy with high energy, not psycho husky high energy, but still high. You can wear him out playing ball. He is very sweet and affectionate. He's people and dog-friendly. He has not been tested with

cats. He is submissive and easy to manage. He does well taking baths. He's crate trained and housebroken. He sleeps through the night in his crate without issue. He snores sometimes. He eats well and enjoys treats. He loves toys, particularly balls and especially ones that squeak. He needs durable toys because he's prone to chew up ones that

aren't. If given softer toys he should be supervised to ensure he

doesn't ingest pieces of them.

Jerald is a little bit raw. He missed out on a lot of socialization and

training because people failed him very early in his life. He needs a

loving family to help him reach his full potential. With just a little

patience Jerald will blossom into an amazing dog.

If interested in adopting Jerald please go to and complete an adoption application. Adoption fee $350.